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What's hot about asset management? Consider this:

Success with cybersecurity efforts ultimately depends on posing the right questions. Some are broad, like, "What does it mean to strengthen our security program?" Some are specific, like, "Which endpoints are missing a security agent?" Your security tools answer some of these questions while giving you a chance to ask new ones. 

A modern asset management solution is the nexus for security projects and decisions because it answers questions that span multiple tools, initiatives, and departments. We've learned this from the success our customers have after deploying Axonius to gain exceptional visibility into their endpoints, networks, VMs, and users.

Tune into this webinar to understand how you can use asset management to advance your efforts related to cloud security, endpoint defense, access management, incident response, security assessments, and more. Lenny Zeltser, VP of Product at Axonius and Senior Instructor at SANS Institute, will explore how you can answer the questions that are essential to today's cybersecurity initiatives.

Lenny - round

Lenny Zeltser
VP of Product @ Axonius
Senior Instructor @ SANS Institute