On-Demand Webinar:
    Modern Asset Management in a Perfect World


    In a perfect world, organizations have already implemented technologies and processes for end-to-end asset management. They have solved asset inventorying, which bolsters their patch management, vulnerability assessment, and incident response programs. And of course every tool and process has accounted for dynamic environments like the cloud, remote work, and IoT devices. We’re not quite there yet.

    To further explore this topic, Axonius partnered with TAG Cyber to survey enterprise CISOs with two simple questions:

    1. What is your biggest concern with asset management?
    2. In a perfect world, what benefit would your asset management program offer?

    In this webinar replay, Lenny Zeltser (CISO at Axonius) and Katie Teitler (Senior Analyst at TAG Cyber) discuss:

    • Survey findings on CISOs’ top concerns with their asset management program today
    • Survey findings on CISOs’ thoughts on desired benefits from a perfect program
    • How organizations can bridge the gap between today’s challenges and a future ideal state