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From Asset Management to Asset Intelligence

Organizations invest in CMDBs to catalog their devices and configuration details, but end up with the same fundamental issue: making sure device data is accurate and up-to-date. Watch the replay, to look at how teams have solved the top 5 CMDB challenges and you'll learn more about: 

  • The legacy state of asset management and what is possible today
  • Why internal intelligence is just as important as external intelligence
  • What is possible once asset management is solved 

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Chris Cochran

Chris Cochran is the Creative Director of Media at Axonius by day and producer/ host of the award-winning Hacker Valley Studio podcast by night. Chris is prior active duty US Marine Corps intelligence, which led him to a career in cybersecurity. He has dedicated that career to building and leading advanced cybersecurity missions at organizations such as the National Security Agency, US Cyber Command, Mandiant, and Netflix. His ultimate passion is finding and amplifying human stories in cybersecurity to inspire and enlighten our community.

Ronald Eddings

Ronald Eddings, Creative Director of Education at Axonius, is an Austin, TX based cybersecurity expert and podcaster whose ingenuity, dedication, and ambition have earned him a reputation as a trusted industry leader. While podcasting on the Hacker Valley Studio podcast, Ron explores the human condition to inspire peak performance in cybersecurity. Over the course of his career, he has garnered experience, working at various fortune 500 companies and mentoring a multitude of fellow professionals along the way.