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A dynamic content series that aims to up-level the cybersecurity industry — and all of us working in it.


Lenny Zeltser

SANS Faculty Fellow, Axonius CISO

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Lenny Zeltser


Lenny is Chief Information Security Officer at Axonius. Prior to Axonius, Lenny led security product management at Minerva Labs and NCR. Before that, he spearheaded the U.S. security consulting practice at a leading cloud services provider acquired by CenturyLink. Zeltser also helps shape global cybersecurity practices by teaching at SANS Institute and sharing knowledge through writing, public speaking, and community projects. He has earned the prestigious GIAC Security Expert designation and developed the Linux malware analysis toolkit REMnux. Lenny is also on the Board of Directors of SANS Technology Institute.

What is Life as a CISO?

Life as a CISO is a dynamic content series that aims to up-level the cybersecurity industry — and all of us working in it.

Hosted by SANS Faculty Fellow and Axonius CISO Lenny Zeltser, Life as a CISO spotlights cutting edge cybersecurity practitioners, sharing innovative approaches to today’s most complex security problems, and offering practical career advice that you can take action on right now.

Each month, Axonius highlights one cybersecurity leader as CISO of the Month. Participants are featured guests on a live webinar and may be asked to join in on other activities. Want to nominate yourself or someone else for CISO of the Month?

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November 10, 2020 | Life As A CISO

How CISOs Can Align Security Plans With The Business

“The future belongs to the business-aligned security leader,” proclaims Forrester Research. “By 2023, 30 percent of a CISO’s effectiveness will be directly measured on the ability to create value for the business,” concurs Gartner. CISOs should “frame the security agenda along business risks and opportunities, not technical solutions,” advises IDC.

June 18, 2020 | Life As A CISO

Life As A CISO: Q&A with Jeffrey Gardner of Landmark Health

Every quarter, Axonius CISO and SANS Faculty Fellow Lenny Zeltser sits down for a virtual fireside chat with senior-level security leaders from across the industry.

Most employers will take passion over expertise. Therefore, your passion could be the things that catapults you into a career that’s more fulfilling than you could have ever imagined.

Larry Whiteside, Jr.

CISO of the Month

Larry Whiteside, Jr.

CTO, CyberClan
Co-founder & President, International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals

Fun Fact

I'm not a "Sneaker Head", but I do own over 70 pairs of shoes (both sneakers and dress shoes) in every color you could imagine. So I guess you can call me a "Shoe Head". I have over 90 pairs of weird socks as well.

Best Advice

Follow your passion. Cybersecurity is broad enough that you can find some area of it to be passionate about. It will feel less like work as you dive deeper into this area.

TAG Cyber Interview with Lenny Zeltser

Edward Amoroso of TAG Cyber chats with Lenny Zeltser, CISO of Axonius, about what asset management really means, why it’s seeing a resurgence among security professionals, and how Axonius approaches asset management using their own tool.

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