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On-Demand Webinar:

The Importance of Asset Management in Healthcare Cybersecurity

​In healthcare cybersecurity, your team is a big part of saving lives – connected devices are critical in delivering top-quality care to patients. But with the challenges of HIPAA compliance, the threat of cyberattacks and the sheer number of devices in your infrastructure, it can feel nearly impossible to manage it all.

The complexities aren’t going away, so finding the right strategies is important to your business – and to patients. In our upcoming webinar, our panel of experts will discuss the different approaches to cybersecurity asset management and how to find the right one for your organization. You’ll learn:

  • The challenges involved in preparing for the “new normal” of post-pandemic operations
  • How to deal with the average 10 to 15 connected medical devices per patient bed from device discovery to status monitoring to vulnerability management
  • How a mature asset management strategy can help mitigate common challenges seen in the cybersecurity field

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