Webinar Replay

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM): Addressing the Blurred Line Between IT and Security

IT teams manage a complex sprawl of devices, users, cloud services and software. This presents a major cybersecurity problem: Unmonitored cyber assets can serve as an attack vector for unauthorized users to gain access to a system to steal information or launch a cyberattack.

Traditionally, the management of IT assets would fall in the hands of the IT service desk. But as agencies deploy more end-point devices and applications, this process becomes critical to cybersecurity.

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) tools solve the asset risk problem by using API integrations to deliver a consolidated view of all assets, empowering IT and security teams to manage and secure everything in their digital environment.

Watch the webinar replay to learn:

  • Why traditional asset management solutions are no longer effective or sufficient
  • The value of collaboration between IT and security teams
  • How to launch CAASM initiatives with federal funding



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