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Cybersecurity KPIs:
Measuring What Matters

There are endless variables and possibilities when it comes to measuring cybersecurity programs. And there's no shortage of data that security teams have at their disposal to inform metrics.

So... where to start? How do you not only select metrics to track, but have confidence in the data that informs them? And once you have your foundation… what’s next?

Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by Noah Simon and Jake Munroe of Axonius on “Cybersecurity KPIs: Measuring What Matters” to learn: 

  • Common security metrics challenges
  • How to overcome measurement challenges and gain greater confidence in what you're measuring
  • Metrics frequently used to track progress across security domains such as vulnerability management, security operations and incident response, and more

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Security leaders today are under an immense amount of pressure to demonstrate their value beyond just reducing risk. They also need to demonstrate how their security plans align with the overall goals of their organization, which the right metrics can help achieve.

Join Drew Senko, Director of Sales Engineering and Katie Teitler, Senior Security Strategist at Axonius to learn more about why cybersecurity measurement matters and the specific KPIs to focus on. Drew and Katie will discuss what an accurate measure of cybersecurity looks like, where to start, and how to report your progress to more than those in IT and security.

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