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Why is Asset Management So Difficult?

Asset management seems like a problem that should have been solved in 1998, not 2018. But, as the number and types of assets security teams are responsible for increases (think Cloud, IoT, OT, VMs, and BYOD), the number of security solutions we use to secure these assets also rises. Between all of these assets and solutions, all of the information is there, but there's no way to get a single view to cross-correlate so we can ask questions, get answers, and take action. 

Many Assets + Many Solutions = Difficulty Answering the Basics.

Simple Asset Management for Cybersecurity

At Axonius, we're taking a simple approach: If we could connect to all of the security and management solutions a customer already uses, we can: 

  • See all assets - managed and unmanaged, cloud and on-prem
  • See and alert on all assets that don't adhere to the security policy
  • Enhance SOC alerts with deep, contextual information to aid in incident investigations

Five Minute Demo

Fill out the form on the right to schedule a custom 30-minute demo, but first check out the video below to get a look at how the Axonius platform automates asset management and policy validation. 



What Customers Are Saying

James Rutt“Before we adopted Axonius, there was a lot of manual work in terms of inventorying assets primarily around audit time. It was very time consuming, very human resource intensive, and that added to the cost and overhead of managing security operations.

Since we’ve had Axonius, we’ve realized a number of instant benefits like:

  • Understanding the true life of our assets to have a full asset inventory for what we are charged with protecting
  • Understanding the relationship between our different software acquisitions, as well as knowing which ones are truly running in our environment.
  • We can now accurately see if there’s a gap with, say, an endpoint that is supposed to be running 4 or 5 different endpoint solutions and one of them is not running. We get that instantly through the Axonius solution. 

It’s given us a lot more certainty and gives us a lot less stomach aches and headaches when it comes to tasks related to governance like audits, reporting, and accountability.”  

James Rutt
The Dana Foundation