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    The line between IT and Security is blurring. What was once a simple delineation between keeping information safe and providing the tools necessary to get work done is no longer clear.

    It is hard enough today to protect all of an enterprise’s on-premise networked devices, personal devices that link to the network physically or over Wi-Fi, operational technology devices that traverse part of the IT network (lights, electronic doors, etc.), and off-premises devices from business partners and the internet of things. As companies migrate more compute-intensive applications and storage to the cloud, the number of off-prem assets is exploding.

    So how can a company keep track of the myriad of computing devices that grow on a daily basis? It all comes down to the often boring task of IT asset management. Of course, we’re not just counting boxes and physical devices anymore.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

    • Why IT asset management has become a business imperative
    • How today’s IT department identifies assets not only as part of the overall governance, risk and compliance responsibilities, but also the need of securing and protecting the corporate crown jewels, as well as private and personal information stored on the corporate network — locally and in the cloud.