Data Sheet

Building a Strong Foundation for Education with Axonius

Cyber attacks geared toward schools and universities continue to increase. In fact, one of the more prolific ransomware groups, Vice Society, which targeted the Los Angeles Unified School District last September, directs more than 40% of its attacks on school systems. And for good reason. Schools and universities contain a wealth of sensitive information that could prove lucrative to attackers.

That’s exactly why education institutions need to focus on building a strong cybersecurity foundation that enables them to get accurate answers to asset-related questions. 

Download this data sheet to learn:

  • Why cybersecurity asset management is foundational to an array of IT and security initiatives, including helping to reduce cyber risk.
  • How Axonius is helping leading universities manage their IT ecosystems.
  • The benefits of the Axonius Platform in helping to assess vulnerabilities and prioritize risk.


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