Back to the Cyber Future, Parts 1 & 2
Device Management & Cloud Asset Management

If we want to understand how to get ahead of the cybersecurity challenges coming down the pike, we need to start with asset management. Not only by looking at the way we approach asset management today, but by taking a close examination of the past to understand how it got us here.

Join Axonius on a trip through time with parts one and two of “Back to the Cyber Future”. This three-part ebook series examines how the past guides the ways we approach cybersecurity challenges both today and in the future.

Part 1: Device Management

  • How the past has driven today’s device management obstacles
  • The six distinct device management challenges cybersecurity faces today.
  • What the present device management experience teaches us about the future

Part 2: Cloud Asset Management

  • The evolution of cloud adoption —  from justified skepticism to ubiquity
  • The six distinct cloud asset management challenges cybersecurity faces today.
  • Five immutable lessons about cybersecurity’s future

Download the ebooks, “Back to the Cyber Future, Part 1: Device Management” and “Back to the Cyber Future, Part 2: Cloud Asset Management”.

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