2020 Asset Management Trends:
As IT Complexity Increases, Visibility Plummets

2020 Asset Management Trends EbookIT infrastructure barely resembles what it looked like just five years ago. More than half of all VMs now reside in the cloud, employees turn to an average of four devices to conduct work, and IoT devices will exceed all other devices within just three years. Together, this increased complexity is putting enormous pressure on IT and security teams, who are already struggling to keep up. 

Axonius commissioned a research study with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to understand asset visibility challenges and trends impacting IT and cybersecurity professionals across organizations in North America. This eBook explores the research study’s insightful findings:

  • How rapid public cloud adoption has created hazy visibility for security teams
  • The inevitable IoT explosion and the uncertain visibility it will create
  • What it takes to gain a credible, comprehensive asset inventory today

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